Welcome to the California Reproductive Health Equity Initiative application portal! 

Essential Access Health is pleased to announce the release of Request for Proposals (RFPs) for state and county-funded grant programs established to support and expand access to abortion and birth control. RFPs for the Uncompensated Care and Practical Support grants open April 8th and are due May 17th and 11:59pm.

Uncompensated Care Grant Program

California Assembly Bill 2134 (Weber) established the Uncompensated Care grant program within the Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI), and the legislature appropriated $40 million to ensure abortion and contraception services are affordable for and accessible to all patients seeking these essential health services across the state.

Practical Support Grant Program

The 2022-23 California State Budget appropriated funds to establish a $20 million Abortion Practical Support grant program at HCAI to assist pregnant people with direct practical support for the purposes of obtaining an abortion.

HCAI has designated Essential Access to serve as the Program Administrator for both state grant programs. In this role, Essential Access will manage the distribution of program funding, and ensure compliance with statutory requirements.


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